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Salesforce is a web application software. It is designed to support Customer Relations Management functions. It is collaboration software for people in marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT.


Robot Framework is a software functional testing tool. It is designed for web, mobile, and GUI desktop applications. It has become a tool of choice for testing Salesforce applications as it uses a keyword-driven approach to testing and easily integrates with other Salesforce ancillary software.

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Robot Framework

I discovered Robot Framework (RF) recently. What a find! After more than 20 years of testing with commercially licensed products. I finally opened my eyes to something else. And now I have changed to consider open source software. Part of my reasoning had to do with budget and the other part had to do with learning more about keyword-driven testing software. I’m certain there are other software. Especially software that can compete with Robot Framework. But it was interesting that the Salesforce team seemed to be thinking positive about Robot Framework. They are  integrating RF with some other backend software intended to support Salesforce applications with data load, customization, and validation activities.

Of course now I am interested which is the reason for this writing. Robot Framework has many so-called libraries like Python does. RF is built upon Python and therefore extends more capabilities to each other. Python can define more keywords for RF dialog with Salesforce. And RF becomes more powerful because of Python. Thus, Salesforce gets a powerful toolset for data integration both for ETL and export activities. 

The Salesforce team is implementing another set of tools like CumulusCI. This toolset supports a trail to production for Salesforce. That means CumulusCI and its toolset integrates with RF and Python and other libraries. The objective is to manage continuous integration and delivery processes. Checkout this video to get a better understanding.   

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