QA Manual Software Test Course

This is a free training course. The course was developed and published in 2023. It is divided into 10 modules with hours of training videos. There are lab and assessment sessions intermingled with lecture sessions. The links below will take you first to a page on this site that is a narration of the module. Within the text is a link to the module videos located on YouTube.

Module NBR Title Duration
1 Introduction to Software Testing 2:02:09
2 SDLC and STLC 1:34:12
3 Test Management 1:11:05
4 Test Techniques & Events 1:20:53
5 Bug Life Cycle 1:41:01
6 Test Automation 4:13:18
7 Test Planning and Design 1:06:42
8 TPI and Test Jobs 0:46:21
9 Emerging Trends in Software Testing 0:26:16
10 Career Opportunities in Software Testing 0:27:38