JMeter Lecture 13a Resource



This resource file is intended to assist you with what you need to include with lecture 13a.

Go to this URL to locate the latest version of JP@GC Command line tool:
On the page you can see the words “Download Versions:”. Click on “2.2” to download that ZIP file version
The ZIP file contains two folders BIN and LIB. Copy files from the BIN folder to the JMETER BIN folder. Copy the LIB folder files to the JMETER LIB/EXT folder. – use this link to see more details about JP@GC command line reporting options. All the parameters are described. And an important list is what can be specified to identify what report you want to be captured in a PNG or JPG file.
Here is a list of the report names: Most of class names are self-explanatory:

AggregateReport = JMeter’s native Aggregate Report, can be saved only as CSV
SynthesisReport = mix between JMeter’s native Summary Report and Aggregate Report, can be saved only as CSV
ThreadsStateOverTime = Active Threads Over Time
PerfMon = PerfMon Metrics Collector
DbMon = DbMon Metrics Collector, DataBase, get performance counters via sql
JMXMon = JMXMon Metrics Collector, Java Management Extensions counters
TimesVsThreads = Response Times VS Threads
MergeResults = MergeResults Command Line Merge Tool to simplify the comparison of two or more load tests, need properties file (like

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