JMeter Lecture 13 Resource



This resource file is intended to assist you with what you need to include with lecture 13.

The most popular component of the JMeter plugins set. It allows you to monitor metric resource usage of servers involved within a JMeter test scope. It requires a special Server Agent process to be started at target windows servers and plots collected data on a graph.
• Server Agent tool:
• Details for JMeter Perfmon:

The JMeter command-line text to run in non-GUI mode is the following syntax:


Set the CMD prompt to the JMeter BIN directory first.

The JMETER.JTL file will contain the performance data output. This data can be input to the JMeter HTML Dashboard Report tool. Use the following syntax to read the JTL file and format the reports:


where the JMETER.JTL will be processed to generate the Dashboard reports into the target folder. Opening the INDEX.HTML file in the target folder will produce display of the reports. The two options for JMeter to read in performance data and output performance reports are as follows:

• -g: is the relative or full path to the JTL file. Example: JMETER.JTL.
• -o: points to the folder in which the HTML reports should be written.