JMeter Course


This course is free. The course was developed in 2020 and published in 2021. It is divided into 11 modules with many hours of training videos. There are many lab session intermingled with lecture sessions. If you prefer more hands-on training you are welcome to skip to the lab sessions. You can go to YouTube and search for the playlists by searching for – “Sold Out SOI JMeter modules”.


Prelude –> Module 1

This is a free and full course for JMeter. It is designed for new to expert users of JMeter.
Introduction –> Module 2 Whether you are new or an expert to JMeter, you may require assistance in JMeter setup on your PC. The objective of this module is to guide you into setting up what you need to use JMeter on your local machine.
Basic JMeter Script Development –> Module 3 If you are new to JMeter the basics are important. This module enables you to learn how to develop and record basic scripts.
Basic JMeter Script Execution –> Module 4 As a basic JMeter user, this module exists to help you to understand JMeter script execution, listeners, and Dash Board reporting. Those of you with limited JMeter exposure thus far will benefit from this module videos.
Basic JMeter Results Analysis –> Module 5 Yes there is more basic training here. This module provides learning that is associated with JMeter plugins, reporting, and further skill building.
Improving Script Development Skills –> Module 6 Upon completion of this module you should be comfortable with developing JMeter scripts for web applications. This module will test and build your skills.
Improving Script Execution –> Module 7 JMeter has flexibility that supports features essential to script execution. These features help improve script execution.
JMeter Test Processing –> Module 8 This module is necessary to address the many thread managers in JMeter for running different test behavior or scenarios.
JMeter Event Management –> Module 9 JMeter version upgrades are important to manage. There are benefits and consequences. JMeter plugins are equally important. Managing them are essential to future testing with JMeter scripts.
JMeter Test & Analysis –> Module 10 JMeter has both internal and external support tools regarding performance analysis. This module will help you develop a good strong skillset in doing performance analysis activities.
JMeter General Testing –> Module 11 JMeter is good for testing API’s, Web services, and databases to determine access performance. This module provides some demonstration.
Sold Out SOI jmeter modules