Salesforce and CumulusCI



I was searching on YouTube for some tutorials on Salesforce and I came upon a video about a tool called CumulusCI. Out on the internet you can search for the combination “cumulusci  and robot framework” and find some websites that cover the use of cumulusci as a new library for Robot Framework. It seems the primary task we have with the use of CumulusCI is to provide Salesforce keywords for Robot Framework to conduct testing. I see this as a big step forward for Robot Framework being extended to the world of Salesforce application testing.

But to get back to the discovery of a video on YouTube about CumulusCI and Robot Framework. The video is entitled


Automate the App Lifecycle with CumulusCI.

I was inspired by the video. First, the speaker was a guy named David Reed who is a lead staff member at It left me with a good feeling about me endorsing Robot Framework as a good function test tool for today. The combination of Salesforce with Robot Framework may be a long partnership for the future.

David took some time to talk about product integration or better yet what he saw as a good trail to production process for Salesforce continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). If you are looking to enhance your  development and test Agile sprint cycles for your Salesforce customization, I recommend taking a look at this video and the products integrated for quality testing and deployment of custom Salesforce applications.