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JMeter Web Performance Testing

This YouTube training course will take you from a beginner to advanced learning of JMeter and performance testing with the tool.

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QA Manual Software Testing Course

This YouTube training course is complemented with written training guides for all 15 modules. There are also assessment sessions to aid in your development.

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UFT/QTP for SAP Training

Learn how to use UFT/QTP to Automate SAPGUI and SAP Portal Application Testing. Also, learn how to use a test framework built for SAPGUI testing.

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Robot Framework Test Concepts

Learn how to use Robot Framework tool to integrate with Python, Excel, and Selenium for function testing. There is a QA test journey story interwoven into the course outline.

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Technical Blogs and Articles

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Featured BLOG

WAP Analytics Bottleneck Analysis

The intent of this article is to provide some help with how we might look at the web performance bottleneck areas and step through a process. The process should take us from being aware of potential bottlenecks to confirming where the bottlenecks exist

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UFT Web Recording & Test Experiences 2

UFT One SAP Solutions Add-in supports test user-interface objects in Web-based SAP applications.
These so-called Web-based applications include SAP Enterprise Portal, the Internet Transaction Server (Web GUI), SAP CRM and Interaction Center Web Client, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP, SAP NWBC for HTML, and SAP Business Networks Web applications. There is probably more now like Extended Warehouse Management (EWM).

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Resource Material
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Robot Framework Tutorials Resources

If you desire to test the software application mentioned in the tutorials please feel free to download the scripts, click the links, or select other data to assist you.

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As a software engineer and test analysis for over 40 years, I have worked for several fortune 500 companies in many capacities. I participated and led teams to conduct performance tests and functional test projects in the past 20 years. My primary tools are JMeter, LoadRunner, QTP/UFT, and ALM since 2000. I have tested WEB, SAP, .NET, and Oracle applications over the years. Since 2000, I have had several opportunities to upgrade the primary test tools to the latest software release on each project. I have had several opportunities to mentor and developed software training for others on the team. I am still going strong learning new software products building new skills and sharing through consulting and teaching. I currently have software training modules on YouTube, Guruface, and Udemy. I am looking to the future to collaborate with other IT colleagues to make this website worthy of sharing space with others in the internet world of testing software. Please consider partnering with me to share posts that can be helpful to others as we all journey through the evolution of testing software.